Euroelettrica sas carries out electrical automation projects for industrial and port systems, supporting the client from the initial design phase. We are able to provide PLC management and control systems using the most up-to-date technology. We implement on-board systems and, using the technical expertise of qualified partners, we take care of the relevant software development. Today this sector represents our "core business", whether through developing new systems or through "revamping" existing ones.

Euroelettrica sas uses the SPAC Automazione programme (a CAD solution for electrical wiring), designs electrical plans with drawings and all the necessary specifications to complete your project (list of materials, arrangement of components, list of cables, etc.).

At Euroelettrica sas, we believe that the design phase is key to the production process. Through our experience and continuous updating, at Euroelettrica sas we are capable of providing a comprehensive professional service you can rely on.

Electrical Boards

Command and control electrical boards using PLC and hard-wired control

On-board Systems

On-board systems for port and steelworks machinery

Automated Systems

Automated material handling systems for industry.


Revamping industrial machinery for plastic or sheet moulding


Systems for specific equipment for industrial manufacturing and processing.

Electrical Design

Electrical systems design using SPAC Automazione

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